Technics sl1200 mk2 platendraaier huren

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In 1978, Technics updated the 1200 line introducing the MK2 model incorporating a host of improvements including greater resistant to external feedback, less internal vibration, an extremely accurate quartz-controlled motor and a sliding pitch control, replacing the rotary control of its predecessor. Aptly advertised as “Tough enough to take the disco beat. Accurate enough to keep it”, the 1200MK2 was the turntable that played a definitive roll in the birth of the modern DJ, extended disco mixes and the development of hip hop.

The most popular varieties of the Technics 1200 are the mk2 and mk5. The mk5 version comes with an additional pitch reset feature. A common criticism of the mk2 was that the pitch adjustment snaps in to 0% if you are close to it. This makes minor adjustments, which are often needed for beatmatching, difficult.

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