midas heritage 2000
midas heritage 2000 – 48 inputs 4 stereo

Front of house:
4 x L’acoustics Arcs Wide
4 x L’acoustics SB18 subs
(more available on request)

Driverack :
2x psu
stereo graphic eq

Fx rack:
Drawmer ds404 (4 gate channels going into the transient designer for kicks and snares)
SPL transient designer 4 (4 channsels of “punch” for kicks and snares)
Drawmer ds404 (4 gates for toms)
DBX 160 VU (blackface from the 70s)
DBX 160 VU (blackface from the 70s)
DBX 165 VU (blackface from the 70s)
A designs The Nail (dual mono / stereo mastering compressor with built in side chain eq)
Höf Audio Dynamic Master (stereo mastering grade leveler/compressor/limiter)
SPL Vitalizer (stereo enhancer / stereo widener)

Avalon vt737 – mono preamp/compressor/eq
Neve 1073 dpx – dual channel preamp / eq

Strymon Blue Sky – stereo reverb
Strymon Timeline – stereo delay
TC Electronics M-one – stereo reverb
TC Electronics D-two – stereo delay

Monitor rack:
8 graphic eqs

8 x Qsc K12 (12″ 1000 watt rms)
1 drumsub – Martin Audio wd2 (double 15″)

(other monitors or inears available on request)

4 x Electrovoice dn967 (better than the Shure sm58 beta)
1 x Sennheiser md411
2 x Sennheiser md421 (originals from the 70s)
4 x Sennheiser e604 (clip ons)
1 x Beyer dynamic m201
2 x Shure sm57
3 x Shure sm57 beta
1 x Shure sm58
1 x Shure sm58 beta
1 x Shure beta 91 pzm
1 x Audix d6
2 x Oktava mk012 (small condensers)
2 x Oktava mk104 (large condensers)

2 x Radial JDI duplex (passive)
2 x Radial J48 (active)

Mic stands: K&M