In 2020 komt het nieuwe Behringer mengpaneel uit, het zal de “Wing” heten, het wordt dus kiezen tussen de Midas Heritage digital of deze Wing. Deze winter worden de mixers met elkaar vergeleken, spannend!

Also what we thought was “WING LINE” in the video is quite possible “WING LIVE” so it could be similar to the X-Live upgrade cards that we find on the X32.

A Wing

So an X32 that’s completely behind a touch-screen interface? Could be. A couple of years ago there were some images floating around of what was called the Midas Heritage D96 that had a large screen interface running alongside the hardware console. At the time we speculated that it could be a replacement for the X32 or M32. Maybe these images were a step along the way to this new product?

Internet speculation is, of course, constantly evolving. Some people suggest it’s a DAW and although we did see that tape recorder style graphic it’s much more likely to be a recording feature of a mixer than a full-blown multi-track recording and editing environment. Others talk about a product in the style of the Slate Raven MTZ – could Wing be a cheaper version of this kind of device?

We’re sticking to our guns on this one. It’s a new X32 with a touch-screen interface. All we have to do is wait for the details.