Live PA set for an audience of 250 people (indoor)

FOH loudspeakers:
2x L’acoustics Arcs Wide
2x L’acoustics SB18 subs
4x L’acoustics 5xt small frontfill speakers
2x L’acoustics 4XT amplifiers with cables

6x Qsx K12 – 1000watt monitors

Behringer X32 digital mixing console with 32 inputs and 16 outputs
Behringer sd16 + S16 digital stagebox + utp cable of 70 meters

Audix D6 (kick),
Shure sm57: snare top,
shure sm57 beta: (snare bottom),
3x Sennheiser E604 (toms),
AKG C414 (hihat)
2x Oktava mk012 (overheads)

2x Shure sm57, 2x sm57beta, 2x Sennheiser md421, Sennheiser md441

3x Electrovoice nd976, 1x Shure sm58, 1x Shure sm58 beta,

Extra wireless mic for presentation (and/or vocals)
1x Sennheiser 300 series wireless

DI boxes (for keys and bass)
Radial JDI duplex stereo passive DI
Radial J48 stereo active DI

Micstands, xlr cables, speaker cables, transport, installation, technical support and mix included

Backline / instruments:



Sonor Force 2000
5 piece kit (black) with pearl eliminator kick pedal and drumseat
3 cymbals: ride, Istanbul crashride, hihat and cymbal stands
sonor force2000

preamp/di: Avalon sp 737 and QSX K12 monitor
avalon 737 voodoostudio

qsc k10 medium dj monitor huren

qsc k12 Monitor

Guitar amps:
Fender deluxe reverb
fender deluxe reverb.jpg
Fender super champ
fender super champion.jpg
Marshall jcm2000 combo
marshall jcm2000.jpg
Guitar stands: 2x

guitar stand.jpg
Nord Lead with stand

nord lead a1
keyboard stand.jpg